About iHound GPS Technology

As I’m sure you are aware by now, iHound is an inovative GPS location solutions company, we don’t use the term “GPS tracking” because that’s not essentially what we do. GPS tracking implies a Big Brother attitude and an implied invasion of privacy, this is not us and not our ethos. Our GPS packages are specifically designed with the focus of providing greater freedom and improved efficiency rather than the opposite.

Ask yourself this...

Would you be more content to allow your employees to manage themselves while you focus on running your business if you knew you could still see their current location and status if you felt the need?

We don’t like the idea of “tracking” people instead we provide GPS technology based solutions both for business and personal applications that help people to improve their business, their safety, their security and hopefully in some cases their quality of life.

When our customers tell us how iHound greatly improves their business and their lives then we know our vision has been fulfilled.

We too once over paid exuberant amounts of money for complex and unstable GPS Systems for our business until one day we decided enough was enough and we invested our time and money to build our own. The dream was to bring the benefits of GPS to the masses with a simple, easy to use & stable system that was cost effective for all to benefit from. We provide an unbeatable service at an unbeatable price.

Welcome to iHound and we look forward to providing you a great service.


  • By Trent Peters

    Revolutionary! This has completely changed the way we do business. So much product for such a small price, don't know how we operated before we had this technology. Thanks iHound.

  • By Anne Jamison

    Just wanted to leave you a comment to let you know how happy we are with the system. As you promised we have increased our efficiency by over 20% accross all our locations in under three months, that's unbelievable. Thanks again for the great product and great support.

  • By Jessica Louis

    Thanks again for the great support. The system is firing on all cylinders now and our sales team has never been so efficient. Look forward to expanding iHound into our offshore locations next year.

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